Supermoon Experts

Warehouse Supervisor, Electric Fever Co. Ltd.

Meet our young and energetic warehouse expert — Joe is the team leader of Supermoon’s 60,000-square-feet warehouse.

A new generation of warehouse supervisor, and probably the youngest supervisor in the Supermoon family, Joe understands how to inspire and engage her young team members, all aged between 19 to 25.

“We always have lunch together, so everyone in the team gets a chance to know each other better and develop closer working relationship. We also enjoy going to karaoke as a team activity during Saturdays! Personally I am not the sedentary type, so I always walk around in the warehouse. This also helps me to address any questions the team has instantly on the spot. ”

A large warehouse of 60,000 square feet requires well-planned operation procedures, organized inventory management, and attention to small details. In addition to handle order fulfillment and stock delivery efficiently to ensure same-day processing and next-day delivery, the team also provides additional packing service for clients. “Additional wrapping can give some of the vulnerable electrical and lighting devices extra protection. This value-added service gives clients the assurance that the goods they order from Supermoon are always kept in best condition.”

Amicable and always willing to roll up her sleeves, Joe has one strict work code for her team though – No smoking, at work and outside work.

Joe is active and non-deskbound, both at work and leisure – she loves cycling and outdoor activities, and is a skilful amateur photographer as well!

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Warehouse Supervisor