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Senior Sales Manager, Supermoon Limited

Alan is more than a senior sales manager at Supermoon. He is the electrical specification expert on construction projects.

Trained as an electrical engineer, Alan felt bored with the dry nature of his work at construction sites 15 years ago. He found a role with Supermoon which allows him to apply his engineering expert knowledge to a wide variety of construction projects in commercial and public sectors.

“We help contractors build the underlying power infrastructure for commercial and public projects. These electricity infrastructure, cablings, equipments and switches are unseen and not visible to the end-users’ eyes, but they are vital power backbone for a building or facility, just like the circulation network inside the human body,” noted Alan.

In the last 15 years, Alan and the project team have helped contractors source materials for building the electricity “backbone” for commercial projects, hotels, stations, schools, airport terminals, public utilities and tourist facilities.

It has never been a boring work for Alan in Supermoon, as construction requirement changes all the time with advancement in building technology.

“Construction projects typically take at least 2 to 3 years, and there could be many uncontrollable factors during the course before the projects complete. We have frequent dialogues with contractor clients and the suppliers, starting from sourcing the appropriate electrical equipments from different suppliers around the world to meet contractors’ material specifications and functional needs, working out the best solution that fits contractors’ budget, to helping them rectify unexpected issues and minimize potential risks during the construction process. It gives us great pleasure to help clients meet their project requirement in a timely manner, and see the projects completed with the desired power capabilities and lighting effects.”

Do You Know…?

Supermoon experts work closely with construction contractors from both commercial and public sectors. We provide electrical equipment and parts that help build the power backbone for hotels, offices, public facilities, airport terminals, railway stations schools and hospitals. All our project team leaders come from engineering background.

Alan Yeung

Senior Sales Manager

Gloria Hui

General Manager

Amy Tsang & Lam Tung Wai

Shop Supervisor & Assistant Shop Supervisor

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Warehouse Supervisor