Powering and En-Lightening The Future

Modern city life depends heavily on electricity, but electricity tariff and cost of living have been on the rise continuously.

It is important to reinforce responsible and sustainable energy-use in modern workplace and live space. Supermoon achieves this mission with its business model, wide array of energy-efficient power and lighting product offerings, and efforts in promoting energy-saving drives.

A Caring Company

Supermoon Limited is awarded Caring Company 2012 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, for its dedication in caring for the community, employees and the environment.
Supermoon staff also participates in volunteering work that aims at bringing power and hope to the less fortunate families in society.

Annual Energy Saving Week

Supermoon dedicates a week every year as its Energy Saving Week and joins its global parent group, Sonepar, in promoting energy saving awareness among its staff, suppliers, customers and the community.

En-Lightening The Future

Everyone in the community has the right to a decent living environment.

Sufficient lighting ensures a safe home environment for the elderly, a comfortable setting for family time and dinner, and a healthily lit-up area for kids to study for a better future.

With energy-saving lamps, more electricity cost and maintenance expenses can be saved; sufficient lighting becomes more cost-effective, affordable and sustainable in the long-run.

Supermoon helps less well-off families to save electricity cost with its energy-saving lighting solutions. Supermoon also donates electricity installation and energy-saving lamps to charity projects and non-government organizations, in support of their effort in environmental protection and helping the less privileged in society.