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Supermoon works closely with top-notch manufacturers and brands from around the globe – sourcing proven, turnkey energy-efficient solutions to help building contractors, property managers and electricity professionals meet their projects’ exacting technical specifications.

We carry more than 90 world-class electrical brands, spanning electrical and data distribution, trunking & cabling, power safety, secured and critical power, energy efficiency, power quality, monitoring and control, as well as lighting solutions.

Supermoon is one of top distributors of Philips, Schneider Electric and ABB in Hong Kong and Macau.

See some of the popular top brands that Supermoon carries:

Electricity powers modern work and life

In offices, at home, in public area and leisure facilities. Supermoon provides cutting-edge electrical equipments, cablings and solutions to builders, contractors and technical professionals, to bring safe, reliable and energy-saving and cost-efficient electricity supply. Supermoon’s diverse product suite comprises a comprehensive range of high quality and innovative electrical solutions from the leading global brands.

Energy Efficiency

We share your commitment to preserve the earth.

We are the leading distributor of light-emitting diode (or commonly known as LED) and energy-saving lamps for the Hong Kong and Macau property and construction sector.

The LED and energy-saving solutions we distribute are designed to generate the highest level of power with the least energy consumption and less heat generation.

For end-users, that means less electricity consumption, less air-conditioning needed for cooling, longer-lasting equipment, and hence more cost-efficiency and cost-savings in the long-term.

LED Lighting

More and more building contractors, designers and users are using light-emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions to achieve energy saving and green targets.

LED solutions deliver a range of financial, maintenance and environmental benefits, with its high efficacy, long life-time, and the smaller amount of heat it generates. A low-heat business environment also enhances comfort for shoppers and staff.

Philips LED Solutions

Supermoon works closely with Philips to help contractors build energy efficient homes and commercial facilities with LED solutions. LED solutions have proven their energy and cost-saving benefits in residential facilities and retail shops with shop-front signages.

Power Monitoring

In order to optimize the performance of your electrical system, the first thing you need to know is where to start. With power monitoring units, end-users and property managers can find out where and how the electricity is used, and know where they can act to reduce the electricity cost.


Passive infra-red and ultrasonic sensors can smartly auto-detect if there is any in-room movements and automatically switch on or off the lights.

Sensor system is a popular installation in commercial and public buildings, offices and hotels to help users use electricity smartly, save electricity cost and minimize carbon foot-print.

Lighting & Building Illumination

‘Lighting’ is more than just illumination in the 21st century. Different lumen and colour temperature helps create the right environment for the right functional use.

Supermoon carry a wide range of lighting solutions, ranging from general lamps, energy saving lamps, LED, special lamps, desk lamps, lighting electronics and control gears, luminaires and different lighting solutions for resellers, projects, professional users and commercial procurement.

To help customers procure at one-stop, we also provide professional smart lighting control solutions and top-notch wiring device brands. We also tailor-make energy-efficient lighting solutions to help customers calculate operating cost and savings, investment return, while meeting all the project, aesthetic, maintenance and energy efficiency objectives.

  • LED Lighting
  • General Lamp:incandescent lamp,reflector lamp,fluorescent lamp,halogen lamp,energy saving lamp,energy saver tube,high intensity discharge lamp
  • Office Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Shop Lighting
  • Outdoor & Floodlighting
  • Lighting Electronics & Control Gear
  • Special Lamp & Stage Lighting
  • Home Lighting
  • Controls & Smart Lighting Control Solution
  • Wiring Device

Safe Electricity

High quality circuit breakers and residual current devices are essential safety components in electrical systems to protect human and the electrical circuit from over-current, short circuit and earth leakage.

Supermoon provides contractors and installers various types of circuit breakers to meet different construction objectives and power usage needs.

Power & Data Distribution

Electricity and data cabling network and trunkings, though unseen or hidden under cement in most cases, are the power backbone of a building and facility.

Electricity and data cabling network and trunkings, though unseen or hidden under cement in most cases, are the power backbone of a building and facility. Supermoon provides a wide variety of reliable and high quality power and data cables, busbars, conduits, ducts and trunkings for effective power and cable distribution in vast shopping malls and commercial buildings.

We also supply data lines and cable accessories for home use.

Monitoring & Control

Metering and control systems, such as meters, contactors and protection relays, are popular devices installed in the control rooms of office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and public facilities, to help facility managers monitor electricity usage, detect early fault and remotely manage power on and off.

These devices help property and facility managers maximize the power and lighting system performance and minimize maintenance and electricity costs.

Power Quality

Modern electrical equipment imposes stringent demands on voltage stability and power quality.

Disturbances such as harmonics can impose strain on the power grid, generate heat to cables, and cause office and home appliances to malfunction. A ‘clean’ power network free from such electrical pollutions can lengthen appliances’ life span, thereby lowering maintenance cost and need for replacing worn-out parts.

Our power quality solutions include capacitor banks, which act on improving the power factor, and harmonic filters, which filter harmonic distrurbances to give users a ‘clean’ power network.

Voltage stability and power quality are essential to financial institutions, data centre, and medical and educational facilities.

Critical Power

Market challenges and competitions are driving companies to deliver 100 percent services 24/7.

Some vital services, such as transport network, banks, data centres, need secured electricity supply to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Our Uninterrupted Power Supply solutions (UPS) ensure emergency power supply back-up and critical functions running in the cases of the main power failure.