Supermoon Experts

General Manager, Wing Kwong Electrical Co. Ltd.

Gloria is a typical passionate Supermoon expert, and has developed a flourishing career with the Supermoon group.

Gloria first joined the group in 1996 as a sales representative with Electric Fever Co. Ltd., a subsidiary company that Supermoon acquired in 2001. Now heading Supermoon’s another subsidiary, Wing Kwong Electrical Co. Ltd., Gloria worked closely with wholesale business partners and contractors, helping them source the best electrical equipments and parts to meet renovation and construction project needs.

Gloria loves the dynamic nature of her work, “You can communicate and talk to clients everyday, answer their queries and help them get the solutions they need.”

Gloria is humble about starting from a non-college background. But her can-do enthusiasm and eager to help attitude earn her clients’ recognition and a great career in Supermoon.

“If you do your work properly and follow-up for your clients thoroughly, over time you will be able to build trust and confidence from clients. I believe in being pragmatic and always equipping myself. Hard-work and dedication are personal credits that you can accumulate for yourself, and they will be noticed and rewarded – this is a personal motto, as well as a belief I always share with my team.”

“It is a special and good feeling to be able to nurture long-time partnership with clients. We are like long-time friends now – I witness their business expansions, and they also see me grow here at Supermoon.”

Indeed Gloria was promoted to Sales Manager in 2001 and General Manager in 2006. Having been with the group for over 15 years, Gloria still sees much potential in the industry and the company. “At Supermoon we have a modern and efficient business approach. Clear business direction here help us deliver the best solution to clients in a timely manner. For example, we are the first distributor shop to offer contractors electronic quotation and product specification, right at the shop. Today we are one of the leaders in the wholesale markets offering a wide range of good electrical brands and solutions.”

Gloria enjoys travelling as good relaxation time and a source of inspiration.

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Senior Sales Manager

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General Manager

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